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Swiss, French, and Belgian Diplomats Visit Bijeljina

​As part of marking the Francophonie Day, the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation organized a film and gastronomy event in Bijeljina. The Swiss comedy ‘Tambour battant’ was shown, followed by a cocktail reception with a tasting of Swiss wines and cheeses.
On this occasion, Bijeljina was visited by Ambassador Daniel Hunn from Switzerland, Ambassador Francois Delmas from France, and Chargé d'Affaires Benjamin Sturtewagen from the Embassy of Belgium. The Mayor of Bijeljina, Ljubiša Petrović, along with his associates, held talks with diplomats from the three French-speaking countries.
“In addition to discussing Francophonie Days and the importance of cultural exchange, we also addressed topics that have a daily impact on our fellow citizens. We introduced our guests to ongoing projects and everything necessary for their continuation, such as playgrounds for children, kindergartens, and the Park of Ambassadors in the Knez Ivo od Semberije settlement, for which a public procurement procedure will soon be announced. We invited their excellencies to join this project, which is important for families in that part of the city, as well as for persons with disabilities, for whom the park will also be adapted,” said the Mayor of Bijeljina.
Petrović reiterated a strong commitment to fulfilling tasks faced by the City of Bijeljina, Republika Srpska, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
“Establishing the rule of law or transparency in the electoral process is crucial so that we become a society where people want to live, rather than having a decreasing desire to remain in Republika Srpska, resulting in a decrease in population from year to year. We also informed the diplomats about the non-transparent actions of the Ministry of Mining and Energy regarding geological research on Majevica, as well as our opposition to the opening of a lithium mine, which would seriously endanger the health of the population and the entire ecosystem in Semberija,” Mayor Petrović was clear.
“We thank Mayor Petrović and his colleagues for the warm reception. We discussed the situation in Bijeljina and possible collaboration on various projects. Our joint visit is, of course, primarily related to Francophonie Days celebrated throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this event contributes to bringing closer the culture of French-speaking countries to people living in BiH. The French language connects our three countries, as well as people in other regions where French is not spoken as a mother tongue,” said Ambassador Delmas of France in BiH.