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The City Administration of the City of Bijeljina undertakes that the official website of the City of Bijeljina will respect the privacy of citizens.

The City Administration of the City of Bijeljina does not automatically collect any specific personal data about visitors to the website, such as name, telephone number or e-mail address, through the website , ie Such information is collected only if it is provided voluntarily by site visitors, by e-mail or similar communication. Under no circumstances will such information be passed on to third parties, except in the case of a legal obligation.

All personal data created, held or collected by the City Administration of the City of Bijeljina through this site will be stored exclusively for the purpose of communication between the City Administration and the citizens who provided that data.

All personal data collected within the communication of citizens throuh website, Facebook page, e-mail and all other official chanels of communication of the City of Bijeljina, including Chatbot application of the City of Bijeljina, can be deleted at the request of the user. Users can request the deletion of personal data collected through all official communication channels by sending a request through the contact form available on the following page:

The City Administration of the City of Bijeljina uses programs that monitor network traffic to identify attempts at unauthorized access to add or change information, or cause damage in any other way. Unauthorized attempts to change the content of this website are prohibited and may be the subject of criminal prosecution, and evidence of this may be forwarded to the competent authorities.

In addition, for statistical purposes, the City Administration of the City of Bijeljina receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) of the computer address from which access was made to , ie, , date and time of visit, country from which access was made, as well as the pages visited, without invading the user's privacy, which is fully protected. Also, no attempt will be made to connect these addresses with the identity of the visitor, until the visitor tries to cause damage to the website , ie .

The City Administration of the City of Bijeljina does not practice the use of "cookies" to track the way visitors use this site or to identify websites that have been used previously. If they are still used in certain applications, visitors can turn on the option of detecting the recording of "cookies" on their Internet browsers and reject them ("cookie" is data that can be placed on a computer's hard drive by a website without knowledge users, in order to monitor the use of the website in question).

The information presented on this website is for information purposes only and, except for documents with the author's name, can be freely downloaded, with the obligatory citation of the source and with a link to the website , ie, www. construction. org .

The City Administration of the City of Bijeljina strives to ensure that all published data are accurate, but given the speed of changes in today's society and the short deadlines for posting information, mistakes are possible. Therefore, the City Administration rejects liability for loss or damage caused by error on the official website of the City, because all data published on this page (except forms and official documents - decisions of the Mayor, Assembly materials and decisions, competitions, announcements, etc.) are exclusively informative importance, and for other purposes we recommend additional verification with the competent authorities.

The content posted on this website may contain hypertext links or refer to data located on other servers, created or maintained by other public or private organizations. The City Administration of the City of Bijeljina cannot guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timing or completeness of any information related in this way to the official website of the City of Bijeljina.  

By including links or referring to sites that do not belong to the City of Bijeljina, the City Administration of the City of Bijeljina does not intend to point out the importance of these pages or data on them and does not intend to express support, recommendations or express favorable views on views or commercial offered on those external sites or organizations that sponsor those sites, as well as on trademarks, trademarks, production and the like.

Referrals to commercial products, services or the use of any company name serve exclusively for the benefit of visitors to the website , ie, for the purpose of better and more complete information.

It is understood that by using this website, users agree to the above terms of use. 
In all documents on this website, not authored by the City Administration of the City of Bijeljina, which mention Kosovo * (with or without "*" ) - it is understood that this mention does not call into question the positions on the status of Kosovo and Metohija, and on the basis of Resolution 1244 of the United Nations Security Council and the Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo *.