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The City of Bijeljina

Section for Local Economic Development and European Integration

Trg Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 1
76 300  Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)55 233 132
[email protected]
[email protected]
Head of Section: Ankica Todorović
Section for Local Economic Development and European Integration performs the following jobs:
  • performing jobs of the unit for management of the development of the City of Bijeljina, including all segments of sustainable development (economic development, social development and environmental protection);
  • organisation and implementation of the strategic panning process, through establishment and capacitating planning structures, including mobilisation of all structures within City Administration, as well as all relevant stakeholders;
  • promotion of dialogue between local stakeholders, establishment of partner relationships and maintaining communication and coordination between departments and services within City Administration and important stakeholders (private sector, chambers of commerce, business associations, international organisations, academic institutions, etc.);
  • gathering information important for local development from different sources and their consolidation in the central database, and its regular updating;
  • state analysis, preparation and regular updating of community profile;
  • preparation/updating of three-year Development Strategy implementation plans;
  • preparation of the Section’s operational plan for the next year, including projects from the Development Strategy and regular jobs;
  • inclusion of strategic projects and measures from the implementation plan into the budget plan for the next year, through the cooperation with the Department of Finance;
  • monitoring the implementation of the City Development Strategy and other strategic plans and programmes, especially concerning activities coordination, collection and analysis of data in all segments of development, life and work in the City;
  • monitoring the implementation of annual implementation plans and coordination of implementation of project activities with the departments and services of the City Administration, and with the City development team/Partner group/Coordination body for the monitoring of implementation of the Development Strategy and Permanent Economic Council;
  • informing citizens, associations and business entities about the implementation of strategic goals and strategic plans and projects;
  • proposing measures to improve Development Strategy implementation process;
  • integration of project ideas of the Agrarian Fund, Agency for small and medium-sized enterprises, Tourist organisation of the City, public enterprises and institutions, and other institutions for the purpose of economic and social development of the City and environmental protection;
  • presenting and promoting the City and strategic projects to potential investors, partners and other interested parties;
  • submission of initiatives to the City authorities for the preparation and implementation of projects related to local economic and social development, as well as the projects related to the environmental protection;
  • monitoring available funding sources, identification of projects, professional preparation of projects and preparation of forms for applying with domestic and international investors;
  • regular communication with the representatives of international agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and other international subjects with main offices in BaH and region with the aim of promoting the potential of the City and usage of available funding sources;
  • preparation and nomination of projects within EU pre-accession fund (IPA and other funds);
  • establishing electronic database of the projects, including applied projects, projects currently being implemented, and implemented projects;
  • providing professional and technical support to other departments and services of the City Administration in the process of preparation, nomination and monitoring the implementation of projects important for economic, social, cultural development of the City and environmental protection;
  • jobs related to European integration projects;
  • analysis of EU legislation related to the functioning of local communities;
  • collecting data, preparation of registry, plans and procedures related to energy efficiency, activities related to conduction of energy inspections and increasing the energy efficiency in energy consumption, activities related to establishment of the system for energy consumption monitoring through software platform, implementation of projects, or concrete measures to increase energy efficiency in buildings and other infrastructure owned by the City, and promotion of energy efficiency and encouraging energy efficiency projects;
  • preparation of technical and financial reports related to the course of implementation of projects being implemented by the Section;
  • gathering quarterly reports concerning the status of the projects from all competent departments and services of the City Administration;
  • quarterly monitoring of the projects and preparation of collective monitoring reports;
  • preparation of annual report on the implementation of City Development Strategy;
  • starting initiative for the revision of development strategy or for starting a new strategic planning process of integrated development;
  • organisation of important stakeholders from the private sector in cooperation with the Department of Economy and the Department of Agriculture, Agrarian Fund, Agency for small and medium-sized enterprises, proposal of measures to improve the City of Bijeljina as a favourable business environment, and monitoring of support to small and medium-sized enterprises, potential and current investors;
  • professional and technical support i operating and functioning of the Economic Council of the City of Bijeljina;
  • coordination, preparation and monitoring of implementation of Capital investments plan of the City of Bijeljina, as well as its annual updating in cooperation with relevant organisational units of the City Administration, institutions and enterprises;
  • active participation in creation, updating, presenting and distribution of promotional materials related to the promotion of the City as a favourable business environment;
  • regular coordination with Department of Economy, Department of Agriculture, Department of Residential Affairs, Utilities and Environmental Protection, Department of Finance, Department of Spatial Planning, Department of General Administration, Department of Social Affairs, and Section for IT, with the aim to update and consolidate information related to the improvement of business environment of the City;
  • continual promotion of the City as a location favourable for investments and presentation of materials related to developmental potentials of the City in contact with the investors, donors, developmental agencies and other external stakeholders, all with the aim to attract domestic and foreign investments;
  • establishment of partner relationships and maintenance of regular communication with external stakeholders (private sector, chambers of commerce, and business associations, financial organisations, international organisations, academic institutions, etc.);
  • performing other jobs in the scope of work ordered by the Mayor.