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Cultural exchange with Iran: Introduction to collaboration in other fields

​By opening the exhibition of Iranian miniatures and calligraphy at the Gallery of the Cultural Centre Semberija, the Days of Iranian Culture have begun today in Bijeljina. The program includes four films – ‘A Cube of Sugar’ will be shown tonight, two animated films on 25 and 26 August (‘Dolphin Boy’ and ‘Loupetoo’), and ‘The Painting Pool’ on 26 August.
The opening of the days dedicated to the culture of this country was attended by the Ambassador of Iran in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mashaallah Shakeri, and the cultural advisor, Hossein Ansari.
“Tonight we have opened the doors to the great art of Iran. I hope that the audience in Bijeljina will enjoy the works of Iranian miniaturists, calligraphers, and filmmakers, and that the warm welcome we have experienced will be an introduction to new cultural events through which we will present other forms of Iranian art,” Ambassador Shakeri stated.
On behalf of the City of Bijeljina, Radoslav Ostojić, an advisor to the Mayor, addressed the audience at the opening of the exhibition.
“Iranian culture is among the cultures with the longest traditions in the world and has much to offer to the audiences in other countries. The City of Bijeljina believes that cultural connectivity is the best introduction to cooperation between cities and peoples, and therefore we are pleased that today the Iranian Ambassador was a guest in Bijeljina,” Ostojić emphasized.
A reception for the Ambassador of Iran was organized by the Mayor of Bijeljina, Ljubiša Petrović, during which discussions were held about cooperation between the City of Bijeljina and the Embassy of Iran, as well as the Iranian Cultural Centre regarding culture, and also about possibilities for other types of cooperation.
“There was a mutual desire expressed to initiate other forms of cooperation, including two-way coordination in the organisation of cultural events, as well as the exchange of visits by artists and other cultural professionals. Additionally, the topics discussed included the enhancement of economic cooperation, primarily in the agricultural sector, as well as the possibilities for visits by Bijeljina entrepreneurs to some of the fairs in Iran, which would be one of the initial steps in economic cooperation, facilitated by the Embassy,” stated the Bijeljina City Administration after the discussions between Mayor Petrović and Ambassador Shakeri.