Parking service




Parking tickets can be purchased at newsstands and other retail outlets with prominent notice of their sale.

- On the ticket, it shuold be marked the year, month and day on which you are using a parking place, as well as the hour and minute in which parking begin.

- Place the ticket on the inside of the windshield, so that the marked data is visible.

2. SMS

Parking payment is also by SMS message (only for users of M:TEL mobile phone network - 065 and 066)

Send a text message with the registration number of your car, without spaces, and other special characters (eg. 123K456). Depending on the zone you are in and the time you want to spend on parking, please send a message to one of the following numbers:

083 5501 - RED zone, parking fee per hour is 1,00 konvertible mark (KM).
083 5502 - BLUE zone, parking fee per hour is 0,50 KM.

(Sending SMS messages to one of these two numbers, you are paying one hour of parking. Parking time is not limited. After the expiration of maximum estimated time for parking you are obliged to re-send the message to the same phone number, or to leave a parking place)

083 5503 - BLUE zone for daily parking-ticket - parking fee is 2.00 KM.

After sending the correct text message you will receive notification of the successful return of payment via SMS message, in which there is a specific generated number of parking-ticket and information about the vehicle license plate, zone and time when the paid parking applies. This message serves you as an official confirmation that you had successfully paid parking for the indicated vehicle in a specified period. A few minutes before the expiration of the paid time you will get a message that reminds you that time is running out for the parking of your vehicle, in order to extend the parking or timely remove the vehicle. If the content of the message was not sent in the required form, the system sends a notification message with the error message and you have to repeat the procedure with the correct message. If the system for any reason is not in operation, after sending a return SMS you will receive this information and you are obliged to pay parking services with purchase of parking-tickets.

Universal monthly parking ticket (which applies to the red and the blue zone) is 60,00 KM.
Monthly parking card for the blue zone is 40,00 KM.
Reserved parking place for one month is 200,00 KM.

Tenants in the vicinity of the parking lot are entitled to preferential parking tickets. Privileged parking tickets at a price of 10.00 KM per month in the area of of residence are issued at checkout of "Directorate for Construction and Development" in Karadjordjeva Street 4 ("Building Architecture"). The condition for obtaining preferential parking tickets fulfill tenants who have a residence address in a parking zone and proof of vehicle ownership.


Working day: from 07:00 to 21:00 hours
Saturday: 07:00 to 15:00



Info Center: 055 201 165
Address: Karađorđeva 4 (the building of the Department of Urban Planning of the city of Bijeljina - "Building Architecture")