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The City of Bijeljina


The City of Bijeljina is a multi-faith community with members of Serbian Orthodox Church, Islamic Religious Community, Roman Catholic Church, Slovak Evangelical Church, and several smaller religious communities. These communities have numerous temples which, apart from its basic religious function, have a role of cultural and humanitarian gathering places, while several places of worship have a great cultural and historical significance. Most of population are Orthodox Christians and most places of worship belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church, while the seat of Diocese of Zvornik-Tuzla is located at the Monastery of Saint Basil of Ostrog in Bijeljina. There are several mosques in Bijeljina and Janja, and the Catholic Church, Slovak Evangelical Church and places of worship of smaller religious communities are located in the city. The number and diversity of religious communities shows a tradition of tolerance, which has been maintained despite numerous temptations of the past.
Monastery of Saint Basil of Ostrog and Atik Mosque
Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church and Slovak Evangelical Church