Official web site of
The City of Bijeljina

Section for municipal fees affairs

Ulica Meše Selimovića 22
76 300  Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 (0)55 209 644
Head of Section: Mirsada Đezić
E-mail: [email protected]
Section for municipal fees affairs performs the following jobs:
  • preparation and distribution of first instance decisions on determining payers and amount of municipal fees;
  • working on appeals of first instance authorities and processing appeals for submission to the second instance authorities;
  • working on lawsuits in administrative disputes (preparation of responses to claims);
  • working in procedures for extraordinary reviews of court decisions related to administrative disputes before the Supreme Court of RS;
  • completion and delivery of documentation in case of initiating proceedings before a competent court, against payers who are late with their payments;
  • archiving completed cases;
  • keeping data in the software up-to-date (numerical and graphic data base);
  • keeping records of payers of permanent contribution fee for land development and municipal fees;
  • linking unlinked payments and delivering data to the Department of Finance, in order to make corrections in the financial records;
  • delivery of information concerning debts and revenue collection, or state of debt, and other reports;
  • issuance of certificates according to made payments and insight into the payers’ cards and municipal fees;
  • sending and keeping records of warnings sent to payers who are late with their payments;
  • activities to accomplish better coverage of payers of municipal fees and better collection;
  • proposing measures to improve the percentage of revenue collection;
  • working with clients;
  • obtaining cadastre and land registry documentation and drafting real-estate ownership studies;
  • conducting on-site inspections of current condition and keeping records (recording illegally constructed buildings and other disputable buildings);
  • other jobs ordered by the Mayor and the Head of Department.