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General procurement notice - Design and construction of the Sewerage Network and Wastewater Treatment Plant of Bijeljina City


The City of Bijeljina in Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) intends using a fund made available by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl, Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland) and the City of Bijeljna Budget to procure Works for the construction of sewerage networks in the City of Bijeljina in line with European norms.

The project concerns the construction of wastewater collection infrastructure in the town of Bijeljina, a city with approximately 115,000 inhabitants.

With the construction of about 32 km of main collectors, sewers, storm water drains and approximately 2,500 house connections, the aim is to cover 40,000 population equivalents in the town centre and adjacent neighbourhoods. 

The entire document of procurement notice can be downloaded at the following link: