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Partnership of social actors is a condition for the achievement of goals from Agenda 2030

Raising awareness on the significance and importance of  the Agenda 2030 and  Sustainable Development Goals for the community at all levels of organization, that is, the cooperation of all social factors in achieving these goals, were the main topics of today's final conference of the project "Through partnership towards Sustainable Development" which was held in Bijeljina and organized by "Center for Promotion of Sustainable Development ".

Conference was attended by representatives of Switzerland Development Agency, the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H, the Ministry of European Integration and International Cooperation of Republic of Srpska, the Association of Municipalities and Cities of Republic of Srpska, Chamber of Commerce, private sector , entrepreneurs and media. Conference was opened by the Mayor of the City of  Bijeljina Mico Micic.
The City of Bijeljina has recognized the importance of the Agenda 2030, and we seek to achieve and promote SDGs, and we also conducted them during the revision of the City Development Strategy. One of the examples of projects that we implemented through partnership is an inclusive playground in city park that we built in cooperation with the private sector, namely the embassies of Switzerland and Bulgaria. There is also project "Opportunity Plus" that we implemented in cooperation with schools and private companies, showing how  education system should be adapted to the needs of labor market. The project "Continuous institutional cooperation towards sustainable jobs in Bijeljina " we realized in partnership with educational institutions and private companies and we managed to open 35 new jobs through self-employment and retraining – said Micic.
A project worth 43,000 BAM is being implemented in partnership with the City Administration of Bijeljina, the Association of Municipalities and Cities of Republic of Srpska and the Faculty of Business Economics Bijeljina, and it is supported by Switzerland Embassy in B&H.
The "Center for  Promotion of Sustainable Development" is a new association that was created to help local communities, private and other sectors.
- Today we are crowning a project that has been done in cooperation with  private and public sector, the academic community and NGOs. We wanted to see how we can work together and how to improve our development, as well as in all other local communities in B&H through partnership - explained the head of  section for Local Economic Development and European Integration Ankica Todorovic, adding that besides 11 training courses which were designed to raise awareness of SDGs a energy review for three companies from the area of the City of Bijeljina had been financed also.
Head of Cabinet of the Mayor of Bijeljina Mile Pejcic said that the process of revising the City's Development Strategy is being reviewed in order to align the strategic sectoral goals with the goals of Agenda 2030.
- The essential advantage of Agenda 2030 is that it is measurable, because it shows what results are achieved and who achieves them - explained Pejicic, adding that the strategy will be found at the local parliamentary session in Bijeljina on February 5th this year.
Director for Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in B&H Barbara Dätwyler Scheuer stated that Switzerland and  B&H signed an agreement to realize 17 SDGs.
- These goals are an urgent call to all governments to act and to be active in these areas. For B&H it means that it has to make its own plan. SDGs may also be a chance for a city like Bijeljina to gather its citizens to talk about the future of their local community – said Dätwyler Scheuer .